Chris Craft Corsair 36, the ultimate Sydney Harbour  cruiser,

This boat has just had a major engine overhaul, new manifolds and risers and engines rebuilt.

The name Chris Craft conjures thoughts of stylish wooden powerboats of yesteryear driven by notables and dignitaries. the style is still there… and so is the driving pleasure

Australia has Halvorsen, Italy boasts Riva, and for Americans the revered homespun boating badge steeped in history is none other than Chris Craft. A symbol of nautical style, especially in the realms of throaty V8 petrol-engine dayboats, Chris Crafts have long had a knack of soliciting attention. Only now, many decades since the badge first appeared on the planks of production-made timber boats, the company has moved into the realms of modern fiberglass boats on waterways in the U.S. and now here.

Never far from the limelight, Chris Craft takes centre stage in the next Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise zipping along the windy canals of Venice in a chase.

Yet this most illustrious of US boating marques harks all the way back to 1874. And in the intervening years, everyone from famous families to presidents and other far-more-talented Hollywood heroes have made a habit of being seen – escaping – aboard these neat conveyances.

According to the guys at Chris Craft, owners are keeping company with the Vanderbilts, Fords and Firestones, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Apparently, such luminaries are among the many who have used its boats to escape and relax. Now, it seems, well-heeled Australian boaters with a penchant for stylish powerboats are jumping aboard too.

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