Martin 50 for Sale; perfectly suited for coastal and bluewater passages. This yacht is beautifully constructed by craftsmen using the best materials. She can take on approx. 800 L of water ballast each side and has a Warwick Collins tandem keel which provides the benefit of being shoal draft without compromising performance. This yacht was based on the design commissioned by Mike Plant for the 1987 B.O.C. round the world race in which he won class two. This yacht and the sistership design, Ben Hall, have been modified to suit performance cruising and are perfectly suited for coastal and bluewater passages. She is fitted with water ballast tanks that can be filled under way by scoops and offer the equivalent ballast as a crew of 16 big guys sitting on the rail. This is truly a brilliant high performance cruising yacht that will appeal to yachtsmen and Women who want to own a rare vessel. Personality, looks and performance, all in one very appealing yacht.