Looking for something a little bit different?

Choose a well optioned, priced to sell RANGER TUG!

A cuddy cabin day cruiser/overnighter that will stand out from all the others. The Ranger R21-EC is not about simply standing out from the crowd. It is about practicality and efficiency and the pure enjoyment that those attributes bring to boating.

Designed and built in the United States’ northwest State of Washington, Ranger Tugs offer design elements that have become a trademark of Pacific Northwest pleasure boat design over the years; protection from the elements by incorporating a fully enclosed stand-up wheelhouse cabin with lots of windows, a hardtop and a solid sedan bulkhead and with a reasonably large, open rear cockpit.

This TUG was bought new in 2011 and is priced for a quick sale. The one owner ticked every box on the order list of this Bristol Bay trawler design. The Ranger R21-EC will never go out of style, easily trailerable, this boat rewarsd its owner with a level of versatility that few other cruisers can match.

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