Sun Odyssey 349 lift keel model at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

The hydraulic lift-keel version of the bestselling Sun Odyssey 349 is on display at the 2018 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

Designed by Marc Lombard and true to the values of the Sun Odyssey line, the 349 is the perfect combination of performance, comfort and safety at sea. Whether in the cockpit or at the helm, at anchorage or at sea, you will enjoy taking full advantage of this seaworthy, stable and easy-to-handle sailboat.

The new swing keel system combines ballast and lateral stability in a single moving part as opposed to a traditional lifting keel version where the stability is provided by a fixed ballast box out of which comes a dagger board that provides for lateral stability.

I addition to the usual advantages of variable draft boats, the key advantage of this type of keel is improved performance at all angles versus that of a traditional lifting keel.

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