The Prestige 750 – “like a small town all to herself”

The world’s media was in Cannes last month for the official launch of the first of the new Prestige 750 flagship models. was there and were very impressed by the qualities of the new luxury model from Prestige.

Enduring Style. Please note that there are no exterior styling excesses on the Prestige 750. No tail fins. No retro affectations. She is not an express cruiser on steroids. To our eye the Prestige 750 has a somewhat conservative and universal nautical design that will probably out-live the styling of flavor-of-the-month yachts in class. Not only now but in years to come she will be equally at home in Antibes, Hong Kong, or Ft. Lauderdale.

That means she is less likely to be dated on the used boat market. We think she will also appeal to veteran boat owners who know what they are doing and want substance, rather than buyers who have just scored a big trading bonus and want something with a lot of sizzle. ”

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